Someone stole my account... again

i lost my account…
image image
he said i scammed him…
because of him i lost my rank 25 level 4 account.
so many seconds spent in that account… LOST!
i played at least like 30 seconds!
i’m so sad. so please help me to be happy again, because now i am depressive…

edit for people who didn’t understand :
IT’S A JOKE! A LEVEL 4 ACCOUNT! really? that is so important omg!:expressionless:


:joy: Nice one.

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it’s not a joke… he said he will report! :’(

You sure it’s not a joke?

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yes… in fact he said he will report me. but the situation is:
he says : wanna trade?
me : yes
he: ok give
me trying to create a new account asap : give what?
he : password (shows p###word)
me : what is p word?
he : p###word. give.
later i gave him account and he didn’t give any info. so he can’t report me
(i used supermechs app and chrome url in same time, so i could use two differents accounts in same time)

so… you can’t make me happy again? my life is so sad.

Ok, just make a new account. Level 4 takes like 3 minutes.


i already lost my level 200 account. rank 5…
and i only have this…

i can’t reach rank 7 :frowning:

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same time using. useful to farm coins while watching videos on main screen

you can make such an OP melter that acc is good

As my 14 year old fam would say

Like why the fuk did you chated with him?

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Trading accounts is against our policy. DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR USERNAME OR PASSWORD TO ANYONE!


First time seeing you using that much caps.

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Of all that you said, only one thing seems important to me: you have said that you feel depressed.

I don’t know if your post is honest or a joke, because I don’t know you. But it doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. What matters is that this, in some way, is for everyone.

Don’t get depressed for a game! Don´t get depressed for anything that happens on the internet! In real life you will have to fight hundreds of real battles, on which your work, your family or what you love, will depend. Those are the pvp that matter. The game is just a game as there are thousands. Send the game, accounts and players to shit!

Invest your feelings well. Don´t invest your emotional energies in an online game.

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“I´m talking to my computer and waiting for a good answer … it isn´t a good sign!”

oof… not a good sign at all @Wepwawet

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so you’re saying that if i give my account to someone on purpose. he would be able to report me???

even if he didn’t give any information about him?

No, it just means “Trading Accounts” is illegal. It literally says it here.


You got scammed. That’s it. You gave out your account for a trade and got scammed. You trynna argue with the dev now huh?

No. I gave my account on PURPOSE ! Read my messages again. It’s a joke. I said rank 25 level 4. Are you stupid ? (sorry) I just want to know if he is able to report me because i gave him my account! that’s all. So respond to me and understand what i say ok ? :roll_eyes: