Someone remember these times? times that go and do not come back


My torso will remember me of those days, this is way i keep it,the last torso legacy i have


I miss old times… I remember a lot of noob setup but really cool

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i remember having the 3 yoshimo parts


you’re right, there were many varieties of all kinds was really very competitive

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Yeah I do remember these times…
But what do you suggest,crying over spilled milk?
Hell no.Enough of that already.Get the little milk you still have,grab a coffee and make a cappuccino,if you get what I mean.

Drink that and get over it.
For those of you who read my posts,you know I ain’t a fan of melancholy…

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Or maybe throw out the rest of the milk

Yeah…Into the coffee.

it was well before, now it’s horrible and game vraiment stressful

: - )