✱ Someone Reached (MAX Level?) What is your Level? ✱


I am level 49, it takes between 3 days to raise level or 2 if I have a streak in battle with big boy :smiley: yes I play every day so I go up very fast level


Ofc I need a good mech lol, but the more exp you have you will have more strategy


This may be a language barrier. Are you trying to say that the longer you play the better you understand the game?


Yep playing longer gives you more exp and ppl with more exp will obviously have better skills than p2w new players,


That is true but getting into a top clan really has nothing to do with that. There are players that have played since day 1 in this game but they have crap mechs now and never caught on to how the new system works. Mech fusion is king you could take a noob and put him or her in a fully fused mythic mech and put any of us in a legendary mech and that noob would beat most of us 90% of the time and I am being very generous with my % in my opinion it would be more like 99% but I do not wish to argue…


I didn’t mean exp alone could get you into a top clan, I just meant it could give you more priority when you r being compared with a similar player of lower level (skill)

It’s like having an extra certificate when you go for a job application


Ofcourse if your a leet player in a leet mech you can be in any clan you wish. But being a leet player alone is not enough having a leet mech is more important.


you need experience in the battlefield and strategy to be able to win a good strategy even with a weak mech you can do wonders


Im lvl 51


i’m level 90
20 characters


im level 108


I am level 134

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I’m lvl 150. Don’t mean sheet except you grind too much!


me? lvl 121


Level 80-something here… not that that means too much anymore. With campaign like it is I level up every ~10 missions :astonished:


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unicorn corn spotted


Wow, so much gold… you should totally try to find out if silver boxes have a price limit :wink:


I had 14M gold when I did this (I made some legendaries in the process cuz I needed inventory space, so not all of my gold gone through buying those boxes, but still) :joy:


Wair , hang on a second.