✱ Someone Reached (MAX Level?) What is your Level? ✱


November 10, 2017 So right now i’m at Level 55 w/ other stats

The MAX level in Supermechs is Level 150 (After SM Reloaded)
This person is the very 1st Level 150 so congratz to @asa8742 and some other close high levels no one else had a thread on this so i’ll just make one.



I’m going to be leveling up to 144 later today. :slight_smile:


I’m slowly leveling up i have no idea what the 100s are like


Lvl 100s are like around 8-9 mil?

Im on lvl 80 with 4.7 mil exp


That’s crazy, levels on hypixel-minecraft are pay to win
At least on here higher level means you play a lot?


Im lvl 71 :musical_note:


I’m level 71


I didn’t login sm from last two week. I’ll reach lvl 150 really soon first need to complete lvl 25.


Nice yall the same level that’s like a 1 in 150 chance 0.666%

also @ToxicDoll you are in the top 10 sometimes, only 15 levels away from me ;-;


Because level has nothing to do with real power… My mech is a top mech If I wanted I could be top 3 but I don’t care anymore and I don’t even try for top 10.

As you can see I have been top 3 a few times…

Enough people quit when they see me to keep me top 25.


I believe that angbsystem in which flixeon isnt number one spot is inherjntly corruot and broken.


U wot mate? Wot is with dat grammar???


I’m just saying that you are way ahead of me in everything but not so far in level.


I know[quote=“Dwightx, post:14, topic:7795, full:true”]
I’m just saying that you are way ahead of me in everything but not so far in level.

I know and I was just explaining Level has little to do with ranking in the game.
With the rate you improve your items you will be top 25 in no time.


:heart_eyes: Awwww :kissing_heart: :flushed:

I figured higher levels mean that you just play a lot?


higher levels could just mean youve played this game for a long time, not neccesarily youve played often. message to Dwightx


Wow there is no toxic or messed up text through out this thread very surprising


After you get all your slots what is the point is the real question. I am 50 something and stopped caring a while ago. It is just a mark of how much you grind.


More lvl = more exp = More priority when you join top clans


Well fused items = power = More priority to get into top clans.
Level has very little to do with real power.