Someone please motivate me

Recently, I’ve been really down, it’s just mostly school and social life. Everyday, I see my friends wearing Varsity jackets (its an expensive jacket to show off that you’re good at sports). I thought to myself, wow, why can’t I be like him, but im not good at sports nor have good grades. My grades are pretty terrible currently. There are more things than this affecting my life right now.

I’m nowhere in life, I’m not confident like others, there are gossips behind my back. Everytime I talk to people I always hold back because I don’t want to mispronounce a single word because that’s how insecure I am, so people get a bad impression. I’m not depressed as for suicide but I’m just depressed because of my life as a failure. Things are probably too late for me and I feel stuck, I don’t know what to do, please, help me.


Do you have hobbies beside PC and Gaming :question:


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We have an individual differences and talents though

You are good at making concept arts

Why not use that to prove them you have a talent too :))


Do your own thing.
Be comfortable being yourself.
To try to be like other people is to live in their shadow.
Lead your own life.
Be different.
Others will follow.


yeah yeah,everyone is depressed cause 21 century

who gives a shit what others wear ?
if u do,stop it,it s just a piece of cotton or leather with a thicket on it,nothing more.
Those who show off wearing expensive clothes are dumb shits,sure u can wear everything u want,but if u pick it just cause it s popular or expensive or made by a idk company and not cause u like it and cause it represents u then u are dumb
Check how much Bill Gates pays for his clothes XD or idk Zukerberg

umm are u ok? a jacket can t show that u are good at sports,the only way to show that is by actually doing sports and having results like idk prizes or shit

then why are u here crying and not in front of a notebook doing exercises and being better?shit won t solve just cause u are sad or cause u can t no more or bs like that,if u want a change make one.

Then work to become somebody,u are the only one which can make ur life better,find ur interests passions,everyone got some,try new stuff and u will find out and most important get out of your comfort zone and from that circle of sadness

work on that,work on that
read books,especially ones which can help u evolve

u still got grades so i suppose that u are still in school ,and it s too late? crying baby u had like 15% of ur life done and it s over? XD don t make me laugh,there were people which lost everything and build up again

Everyone falls from time to time,it does not matter how many times u fall,it only matters how many time u rise .

Crying on a game forum won t help ,since problems like this require special support from a person with a degree,no shame in that,but i tell u ,they can only guide u,nobody can come and boom solve all ur shit,u are the only one which can do that,talk with friends,parents,or even a person qualified for such things.

Now as an end note.
U do realize that u are selfish right?
“cry cry i am sad and depressed cause my life sucks and nobody understands me”
There are people which don t have what to eat,there are people dying from air strikes from their own governments,there are kids which are used as slaves,there are persons sold on parts just like an old car,there are people executed for no reason,and so many others,so u think that your life sucks?well i got news,u got a great life compared to many of them

like it or not this is the truth,traf is out

You’re not the only one. Pretty common these days. Most of the time, it’s just a phase.

Do you know why they wear those LMAO

Because they feel the need to prove their worthiness.

Both of these things are results of personal commitment. You can easily pick yourself up. Work out maybe, join a sports team whether you’re good or not or if it’s in school or a community group.

Study a bit more. No one is automatically born with the knowledge of biology physics or chemistry etc nor the skills to write an essay or memorise equations. These just take a bit of focus.

Once again, this is all about exposure. The more you experience this stuff, the more resistant and the more you learn to counter it. If you can forget about your social status or pride for a second, it’ll be easier to breathe.

You risked being taunted and have your social status ruined by posting this on the forums but only the good people gave comments. No one is insulting you.

Same way people irl are going to act. Helpful people will help, criticising people will just stay quiet.


on what standards?

Compared to Bill Gates? Then everyone here is a failure. I’m a failure.

Compared to a poor kid in Syria, you’ve got the best of conditions.

First things first:
1- Step one of stepping out of depression is to distract yourself. Most common activity that most people coming out of depression go to is working out. This is killing two birds with one stone as you can also push out of the “I’m not a sportsperson” complex.

2- step two, you find something you enjoy doing. It helps by distracting you from your mind and also can give off happy hormones. Another two birds with one stone. Make it a hobby.

3- Step three, find a solution/counter to the thing that’s making you depressed. In your case, it’s the block on self-esteem. Everyone finds different solutions but to list a few: block out opinions, find the right people, fight fire with fire (judge other people as they judge you)(not a good one but it works… eek)

Most important thing here: Talking to someone about it. “There’s no one to talk to” bullshite. 7 billion people in the world. Find someone. Call a helpline or something but usually a friend, someone in your class or family would probably be the best choice. Talking about it takes off like 60% of the weight in your shoulders. It should be much easier after that.

Asking the forums will help but it’s not the same as relying on someone actually around you.

regardless, If you’re at rock bottom, there’s no other place to go than upwards.

Good luck


One thing I discovered helped me when I was depressed two years back was making something I called an ‘anchor point’
What you do is fill out a slip of paper about your strengths, maybe you could print off a few of your artworks since you’re honestly incredibly at them. When it’s full, make a few more, and put each of them at a certain place. Whenever you feel like you can’t take it anymore, go to that place and look at that slip.

Nothing that a few beers wouldnt solve imo.

They’re 16. That complicates that solution…

Depends on the country of residence…

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Go study for high grades
Go playing sport to be good at sport
Go earn money to buy a jacket
Go do 24h challenge on youtube to be somewhere in life
Talk more so you can talk more fluently

I see nothing wrong here beside the fact that you give up before trying.

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zark, ik how u feel. i may only be in middle school, but ik how it feels to have friends who are better at things than you, or have more hobbies that you… we may not be as confident as others, or as good as other people. we may have had conversations behind our backs, but that shouldn’t change how we act and how we are.i was depressed and suicidal for almost the entirety of 6th grade, as i had no friends, and was bad at everything. i learned that no matter what people say to me, or how they treat me, i will be worth more than all those shitheads whotreated my unfairly and unkindly. maybe you can realize that too. we are worth something, but people may just not see it yet. people like us can become something great later than life. me and you included. you got this man, now do what you need to do.


i opened it. poast some of it:smirk::smirk::smirk::smirk:

theres already people who complained so i wont

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I know i might go a bit “off topic” by writing this, but please hear me out.

I don’t know how old your are, or in what grade you’re currently at, but I think that most people can relate to that sort of powerlessness in one way or another.
(i. e: A Forumer that compared their sprites with yours.)

I for one have an unpleasant physical appearence.( fugly overbite, sunken/ funnel chest, mild scoliosis and underweight.)

I can almost certainly say that in the past few years there has never been a singel day where i haven’t thought to myself, “wow, why can’t I look like him.”
That single thought alone has already crippeled my confidence enough to a point where i can say that i wouldn’t wish that to anyone in this world.

That is a really bad mentality, as it’s mostly driven from jealousy and absolutly nothing is achived by being jealous of someone.

Try bettering yourself, try loving yourself more, try to make “you” the best “you” you can be. You’re one of a kind and nobody can replace you.
set yourself goals and surpass them by 100% with all the motivation and strictness you can gather.

If you want to be decent or good at something you’re going to have to work for it. There almost never is an easy way to cheese the system. That’s something you don’t want to learn the hard way.

I hope can sort yourself out soon and start to appreciate life again.


im too lazy to read the other responses so sorry if I repeat anything

if you want to be better at sports then practice. if you want better grades then study.

if you want to be happy then do something you like/you’re good at (maybe art? wink wink nudge nudge)

while stuttering can make a bad impression you shouldn’t have to hold back. be passionate. and if people don’t like the “stuttering” then you can improve your speaking or look for other people.

(possibly controversial advice) if you aren’t confident with yourself then you should act like you’re confident. Even if this “mask” doesn’t fit if you keep wearing it you’ll eventually grow into it

friends should be people you relate to and people that r there for you. you shouldn’t have to be jealous of them.

(most important advice) why are you asking a bunch of random gamers on the internet anyways? if you are really concerned about this the best people to ask is your fam, close friends, or a school counselor. but the act of telling someone your bottled up feelings is a good first step.

what im saying here is stop playing supermechs and start improving yourself.


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pretend there’s a giant boulder rolling towards u

that should motivate u to do something





My suggetion for you to help you most would be …

  • START running

… even if you are the most unsportive person alive, starting is possible, with very short distance and small targets :exclamation:

2 times a week or 3 times later is easy doable about needed time :exclamation:

Once you get used to it, you can start to raise distance and targets (speed / hill running / with weights, etc etc) :exclamation:

IF you are consequent about … doesn’t matter about which niveau you have … do it at least 2 times a week … you will see a progress for sure :exclamation:

Running has so much possitive effects …
(if its not done as professional or extrem, there are 100 km races)

  • its very healthy (as said if you don’t do it extrem)

  • you see the nature (or city)

  • you can do it at different times during a day, means different light, different temperatures / early morning (before school / work) / afternoon / evening

  • after the very first 5 - 10 times (which are the “hardest” IF you never did before) you will see a special effect … I will not tell you, TRY it and you will see / know what I mean :heavy_heart_exclamation:

  • it will help you - as very nice side effect - to shape your body :exclamation:

P.S.: one of my favorites is to run during it is raining


w…why isn’t zarkares replying anymore…

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