Someone just left the game


I’ll be blunt here, but Besty is a troll. That doesn’t mean they don’t have a good side, though. It’s the nature of the internet. Take everything with a grain of salt. If you react to everything, you’ll make a fool out of yourself. You choose to continue arguing with her. Just do what all grown adults do and forgive each other and move on in a mature way.


I already said that I have nothing to forgive. I am not a priest to distribute pardons. Each one is as is and as long as the blood doesn´t reach the river …

  1. I agree
  2. Glad he’s gone

@Nemesis9 I also agree, people are big dumb on the internet and


its just a thing she does


I see.
<20 characters>


<you failed to hide your 20 characters>


I’m still not completely sure how that works or why there is a limit to begin with.


< only letters and no space >


here i show you a trick @Darkstare



so how did i do it
[ spoiler][/spoiler]



fck man i was going to do that


I still don’t understand.


well you have to type
[ spoiler][/spoiler]


Like this?


ah i think so


Did you not read my post? @Darkstare


No I didn’t see it.


its like [ spoiler][/spoiler]
just no space between the [ and s


Yeah I understood what you meant.