Someone help me. I can't get out of this new account I made

06 PM
For some reason. It won’t let me out of the new account I made…
How long does it take for it to auto log you out?
@Sarah247 how long until it logs me out on it’s own?

If it’s on PC, just refresh the tab.

If it’s in app, try force closing the app? I actually dunno what to do with this on the app. lol

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Reload the page?

I reloaded the page 5 times…
doesn’t work

Use a different browser

That typically fixes this issue…

I don’t believe auto logout is a thing on PC.

Dunno, Winz u help em.

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I can’t use a different browser…
Im on a school chromebook :confused:

No It does auto log me out in a certain amount of hours.
I just don’t know how many.
(And im worried it might not work)

Throw the whole school away then


I’ve never been auto logged out…that’s weird. Then again it’s kongregate…IDK mate.


You’ll have to wait until you’re home

How long do I have to wait is what I am asking

Until you get to your home computer :joy:

I am at my home computer but my dad has it on restriction for no reason…

Didn’t restart my account.
Its a new account.

Whats with your “old” account :question:

Just clear the cache dude, that works for PC or Phone.

Fortress floor something , sick item ts

That happened to me once, just use a different browser for a few days and it should return to normal

@Sarah247 @Mohadib @Elcent

I have an important question about this topic here, please take it very serious …

How it can be a thing, that players discuss open in whole forum (there are hundreds examples) about their alt-accounts / other accounts / new accounts, even asking for HELP to create their alt-accounts / other accounts / new accounts, BUT when I mention that players like MrX and/or Andernut playing also alt-accounts it should be a “problem” :question:

Sorry, but that I cannot understand :exclamation:

So is making / using / playing alt-accounts / “new” accounts allowed :question:

Yes or No :question: