Some proposals for clans

  1. I suggest that all clans have a leader and a substitute. That way, if leader must be absent for reasons of force majeure, substitute can enter or kick members. Currently TS takes too much time to make the changes. The existence of 1 substitute would solve many problems.

  2. I propose that any member who has left the clan (either accidentally, kicked or by their own will), will not be able to return the clan until opening of next tournament.

  3. Any member who returns to the clan or any member who is first time admitted to the clan cannot have a rank lower than 2 points below the clan classification. E.g. If the clan is classified in the League with gold skull, the member who returns or who join for first time must not have a lower rank than a bronze skull.

These last two proposals would avoid or discourage the trick to exploit newbies.


I agree, except for the last one. My clan currently has some high ranking but also want to let in low ranking forum buddies.


My opinion is same as Yeet’s opinion.

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I agree. But when unpleasant things happen or there is a possibility that occur, because there is no established rule that can prevent that, sometimes you have to take measures that may not be sympathetic to everyone.

If there had been any rule, what happened would not have happened.

Perhaps 3 ranks below ranking in the league …

Or how about if you quit 3 times in fast succesion then you must wait 5 minutes before quitting again…and if you quit the match after that you wait 10 more minutes…and if you quit after that you wait 15, and so on.

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Maybe one way to solve what you mention is that only the member who returns to the clan, cannot do so with a rank less than 2 points from the rank he had when left the clan. But that rule is not valid for those who join for first time.

But I don´t know if system could differentiate the returning player from the one who joins first time.

Sorry but you have really a conspiracy mania :exclamation:

Here the FACTS about …

  • every Clan can take NEW also weak members and kick as much as they want

  • the “trick” you are talking about exist only in your head (and of course you just use it to accuse false, as always)

  • if a member leave a Clan she/he isn’t anymore a Clan member from that Clan

  • IF this player decide to lose a lot without Clan, ALL “noobs” (like you called them all the time) WIN against her/him (get kinda FREE wins)

and here the main point :

  • if you are good at math, for the Clan it is a negative result if members WOULD do it on purpose :exclamation:

So, when will be the day you can write a post or a new thread WITHOUT talking about cheats, exploits, etc. :exclamation:

WE all know that this all exist, but it is not necessary to repeat it in every single thread or post you make :exclamation:

Do it there where it is necessary like here (where the result prove itself that they use a cheat) …

Hes not targeting you specifically, its just that noob exploitation is a fact


I never said here, she did, thats why I also wrote all facts in general :exclamation:

And I tried to explain that it is not an exploit, because when the player lose, all “noobs” WIN their battles :exclamation:

You just cannot tell a player she/he HAVE to win against every single opponent, that is not possible :exclamation:


Could you reword this? It doesnt make much sense

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The purpose about the exploitation of noobs (like it or not the word, but it´s with all affection), is not to favor the player, but the clan!

The player leaves the clan first and starts giving battles to go to the lower ranks. Understand, do this outside the clan! Then he returns to clan, with a very low rank and begins to play battles. Of course he wins them all and are victories to clan, to collect the rewards! And to do this, he needs the complicity of clan leader, because only the clan leader can re-join him again.

I think that was explained very well, when we talk about this.

I don´t want to mention any clan or any player now. Just look for a way that doesn´t happen again.

Not correct :exclamation:

The “noobs” (like you call them) are not all noobs, and this opponents WIN battles, if a player lose on purpose.
So it can never be called “exploit”, when the players get FREE wins :exclamation:

Not correct :exclamation:

The Clan win the Clan rewards ANYWAYS (special the top clans), doesnt matter if a member leave, is kicked, or new members are added, or old members rejoin.

So to border the member recruiting make no sense, it MUST stay dynamic, because many many things can happen …

  • players need to do things for school, work, sport, family, projects, etc.

  • players go on vacations

  • players sometimes lose their internet for same days (new line, new flat, new place to live etc)

  • players have accidents at work, at their hobby, health problems

  • as we had painful to see - players can die

  • etc.

A Clan and its member management need to be dynamic :exclamation:


I like your first point about a 2nd leader, but WE asked for it like since 2 years or more … and it was never changed :exclamation:

Also - like your clan had to experience - there is still no solution, if the leader leave a clan … clan is kinda lost after :exclamation:


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no se como se revivio el tema que cerraron …en fin

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Well, once again, im not gonna mention any clans or players, but about the “Noob expoitation” you said

Yes, this is true, while many players will get really badly destroyed, an equal amount of players will also get a free win. However, I can still think of two more aspects of leaving the clan, going to rank 25, re-joining, and then going back to rank 1.

  1. Imagine a rank 25 guy that just joined the game. He enters into his first match. Suddenly, he versus an all myth maxed mech. There is a chance that he will quit the game, a loss of one player is a big loss.
  2. This also unfarily benefits the clan and causes them to have an advantage over other clans who do not do this.

I suggest that if a player quits 3 battles in a row, then he must wait 5 more minutes until the next battle, and if he quits after that, he must wait 10 more minutes, and so on


mabye like the co leader thats what your saying right