Some legs fallen in battle (name only to enter the subject)

Well while I was doing campaign missions I realized that avia devouring legs pasw someone realized this or it is just a stone XD

Looks a lot like a Devouring Paws… It’s almost identical… Hmm…

Maybe it was when in the old campaign you were fighting against god mode maybe it was very giant and when they beat him he called him in the water and I think maybe he was defeated in that place

if you want to see more of serca go to the campaign :slight_smile:

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well thank you so we can see better if they match

I wonder how many things are you like on the map?

repair drone and giant torso XD

giant weapon XD, any one remember this weapen?

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Thats an ‘‘easter egg’’ ,

there was an god mode challenge back in the day , thats his leg

Well rip god mode 2013? - 2017. I wish they bring it back in a event or something like that. ._.

image it come backs with 3k hp and new weapons

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Maybe not new weapons but dealing 100-300 dmg

huge repair drone spotted <3

Oh those days <3
i wonder if they gonna finally add its weapons to game
would be cool have its pop up battle again with a fortune box reward, with 1-3k hp and a knockback drone

Antonio hay muchos “recuerdos” del viejo SM en campaña al parecer, antes habian 4 piernas asi, 3 de ellas (1 de cada tipo) las podias conseguir y la otra era usada x el server en el mech q te mostro Ricemech88, esa ultima es la mas cercana

this weapon is one of those that gave before memories

it also comes out when it’s loading the game

and also I think this is a drone do not agan case to the battle :slight_smile: