Some legacy items and My LOVE!

In this topic i’m gonna show you some legacy items and my most favorite legacy item!

My Torso:

My Legs:



I have always wanted devastation swarm mk 2 but got 2 mk 1 instead :confused:

Spider is love. Spider is life.

Itsy bitsy Spider climbed up the waterspout
Down came the Myths
And washed the Spider out


I always loved my healing drone but is gone… :cry:

The repair drones gave me nightmares

Did someone tried a Diamond Shell/Repair Drone Mk II/Invulnerability Mk II combo ?

(in legacy times…)

Everyone “tried” it.

Caused a lot of pain for players having to face that.

even enregy mechs ?

Cooldown blocker+Generator breaker+Shocking Scope was a great elternative, or nah ?

Nope, Blockers and Breakers were generally crap.

even in legacy ?

What was the combo anti-DS then ?

Kill them quick or you lose. :slight_smile:

That’s why there were people who run 3 of those with push builds and repair drones.

I have benn beating them with pys swarms

Yeah, I forgot the Armor breaker, Metal Bender and the Shredding Swarms XD

How could you kill them quick ? ^^

Use a physical mech. :stuck_out_tongue:

Legendary Shotgun + 2 Armor Breakers + Ultra Nova works very well against Diamond Shell mechs.

Shotgun X Mk I ? the one with 2 knockback ?


YES SPIDER TORSO! xddjajajaja

My Spider have 455 hp :slight_smile:

Its almost maxed out