Some kid pretending to be an "ex admin"


He is called otkinmos-3798


How can he be an admin if his name is in orange and not purple? and btw… I highly doubt he is an admin


I know bro, he said to me he was an “ex admin” and that SM is “10 years old”



Lol, he needs to tell the “Real” admins he is an admin, we will see what they have to say…


I also get ‘fan mail’ XD
I won’t post the later messages hehehehe


Lol, I know you from before in this game back in pegasoto’s clan named “suicide squad”


Suicide squad was great :slight_smile:


German chat hoes are AIDS in disguise meng, don’t ■■■■ with em


Poor Germans, having those dachshunds take over…


Well r.i.p me then… I speak german ._.


Why was he pretending to be admin, was he trying to make you do something?