Some kid pretending to be an "ex admin"

He is called otkinmos-3798

How can he be an admin if his name is in orange and not purple? and btw… I highly doubt he is an admin

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I know bro, he said to me he was an “ex admin” and that SM is “10 years old”


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Lol, he needs to tell the “Real” admins he is an admin, we will see what they have to say…

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I also get ‘fan mail’ XD
I won’t post the later messages hehehehe

Lol, I know you from before in this game back in pegasoto’s clan named “suicide squad”

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Suicide squad was great :slight_smile:

German chat hoes are AIDS in disguise meng, don’t ■■■■ with em

Poor Germans, having those dachshunds take over…

Well r.i.p me then… I speak german ._.

Why was he pretending to be admin, was he trying to make you do something?