Some Item Ideas (Need Someone To Make Sprites)

So I’ve come up with some item ideas. Since I suck at making stuff on paint 3d and programs like that, could someone make sprites for me based off the description. Feel free to provide suggestions and criticism.

  1. Soul Reaper - Physical Drone (L-M)
    So basically a ranged drone like Tonto and Solar Touch, except close range. Would probably have a skull face, with some kind of stubby 4-barrel shotgun sticking out.
    Stats (Maxed Mythical):
    Weight: 40
    Damage: 123-400
    Range: 1-3
    Energy Cost: 13
    Heat Cost: 10
    Push: 1

  2. Sweet Dreams or Lights Out - Physical Top Weapon (E-M)(Vote on name below)

  • Sweet Dreams
  • Lights Out

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Has three things like sweetie except instead of vertically they’re horizontally. Has a little bump up in the back.
Stats: (Maxed Mythical)
Weight: 51
Damage: 287-393
Uses: 3
Phys Resistance Drain: 10
Energy Cost: 42
Heat Cost: 55

  1. Guardian - Electric Torso (R-M)
    Like a circle in the middle and some dots. Myth version has like tubes with the energy color in them on the sides. (3 tubes?)
    Stats: (Maxed Mythical)
    Weight: 333
    HP: 1,211
    Energy: 179/64
    Heat: 112/48
    Resists: 24P/24EX/24EL

  2. Tornado Gun - Electric Top Weapon (L-M)
    Like a mix between EMP and HYsteria of sorts, fires a tornado looking vortex. Not vertical like a tornado though, horizontally.
    Stats: (Maxed Mythical)
    Weight: 63
    Damage: 212-412
    Energy Damage: 80?
    Uses: 2
    Electric Resistance Drain: 15
    Energy Cost: 120
    Heat Cost: 5

All the ideas I have for now, will post more if I have them. :grin::grin:

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how much energy dmg does tornado gun have?

84 electric damage
Range 4-6

How about editing and showing their weight?
But nice idea i like it.

Might wanna rethink those stats. Pretty overpowered imo

As for sprites ask someone, kindly, in the one Sprite thread.

The Sprite business isn’t easy (incase no one’s able to throw out some concept sprites).

I’d name :

  • Sweet Dreams E-M phys top weapon “Dread Knockout”

  • Tornado Gun as “Electric Typhoon”

  • Aphrodite as “Rose thing”


Sweet dreams?20190814_134608

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Sweet dreams

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Tornado gun
Or this:

Edited, will ask for sprites in some different threads.

Or this
Or this

Nah, it has like a circle in the middle of the torso. Like a not filled in circle.

any topics with “idea” include will be moved to ideas n features

yes I know, I made this late at night and was very very tired. (Hence me putting it in general and forgetting the weight stats.)

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This is how bad I am at paint:

I might have something for you soon

Behold: Guardian

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