Some insight (well...maybe not) about newbies


Well…I was thinking about the updates, the mass bleeding of veterans, and the future of the game, etc etc

I came up with some conclusions:

  1. New comers won’t be bothered with nerfs (at least at the beggining), because they wouldn’t know they were better drop rates…(but they will still quit some time after because like someone saied, it is way too slow to progress in the game to be kept entertained…)

  2. During different time windows, new accounts were used to test experimental features like, for instance, the Armory, or currently, the Base (I still don’t know what is it exactly)…so new accounts could have ways to get items that veterans don’t have access to…

  3. I forgot what is the 3, but if I find it back or if someone says something interessant, I’ll edit this post to make it appears

My frank, politically less correct than the post above, sarcasm filled (to be determined) opinion down below in the comment

  1. Well…if TS does bad updates, it wouldn’t “impact” very new comers because they don’t have reference…
    And the ones who could pay will pay, until they discover that they got milked and f***ed up…
    And it will still be some quitting here, meaning one of the big problems of SM will not be resolved: the lack of active players in high ranks, leading to arm-long waiting times in arena…the “fun” part of the game…

  2. Veterans are given a big “go f…ind yourself”…
    And, of course, it’s well known that the more the people play the game the less they understand the game…and new comers can immediatly understand all the possibilities of the features, of course.

  3. to be determined

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Kid-friendly, much or less objecive, sugar-covered opinion just above ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


But you got to have new people for this to work…

They fire traffic guy years ago :slight_smile:

before we have 1000’s online and the traffic guy not even do his job…lol


Of course the game need new players, that’s not the point ^^

the problem of SM is: let’s say…500 players arrive each month…but in the same time, due to different factors, 350 people quit each month…you end up with an increase of 150 players/month…

But, if there was considering for veterans, then, let’s say still 500 people join, but only 100 veterans left the game, you get a 400 players/month increase…

And the more players, the more potential spenders, thus the more income…

It’s win-win, because TS get money and “fanbase”, and both “old” and “young” players are kept entertained…


Does it seem like we growing at 150 players month ?


The new team honestly not know much about the phyco of the gamer and how to keep and make money off them.


I never, I’m sick…with a disase called “optimism” ^^

But it was to make the exemple easy to understand, with round numbers, but I could also use negative end for instance ^^


But man,this is so unfair for us.
Why would they do that?
Why not either launch it for everyone or don’t launch it at all?
Or maybe ask the community for volunteers to test these features,not giving them to random players for free;full version.


New players start with 130 tokens and veterens (like alot of us) start with op items that are worth 2900 tokens+, your right it is unfair, on them XD


Are you new to this game?


yes they do…WE ARE…(if they participate in the forum)


I find Tacticsoft is very rigid of protecting the economy… basically the number of Legendary Items and Gold making it’s way into the game

2-3 months ago, Item and Gold Portals were awesome… for us. They provided tons of Legend and Gold and I would say too much. Unfortunately Tacticsoft saw this as well and instead of a gradual correction, they STOMPED it to OBLIVION with a massive OVERCORRECTION

The problem is, they are still protecting the economy but aren’t factoring in the player bleed-off from the overcorrection

It’s fine to protect the economy but not to do so at the expense of player base


Sadly, it’s always at the expense of the playerbase.




but seriously, I never saied it is fair, I even say the opposite…
Why would they do that ? Ask them, idk…(but I’m sure we wouldn’t understand why, TS is not making logic decisions ^^)
Why not launch for everyone ? Simple, because some people would simply don’t understand the possibilities offered by the feature XD
Why not don’t launch it at all ? Easy, because TS needs gunny pigs to see if the feature is as bad as it looks ^^

I remember when I joined the forums, it was to paticipate to the Auto-pilot beta testing…at the end, I was 1 day too late :smiley_cat:
There wasn’t much other beta-testing after it from what I know…
Looks like TS don’t like asking help of players XD

@DDark_515k What OP items ?

Legacies ?

Most of them are trash now, and some items got their Reloaded version (2 use TP, Push weapons, etc), rendering them more or less useless…

@JamAnime12 You ask me or someone else ? ^^

@PFAHLMANN Of course…we are…but you’ll agree that the forums aren’t that much showed…
The link to them is in the option menu of something like that…
And some players are just too lazy to read posts XD


Ahahaha, Nice joke, i have been playing since the start



Then why do you say vetetans have op items?


Wll when the update first came out we where still top dogs


Because of the previous tokens you had…that was it. Also, your prior game experience and willingness to spend and devote large amounts of time. Those are not op items.


It is…just…more than a half year ago XD