Some help needed


Drone : Faceshocker

Thinking to drop a malice beam for hysteria and the sword for repulsar.

is that a good idea or there are some better suggestions??


I’m not good with Energy Mechs so Here are some Really smart and Helpful members

@cyanine, @WinzKay


I think Ok im not energy master…


change sword for last words and malive beam for hysteria


Oh I have an idea :smiley:
Get rid of that sword, change 1 beam for last word and use hysteria.
A normal energy mech :smiley:


omg 2ab, you literally repeated what WPOTW said…please read other comments too and think before you speak / act…

- Sean -


Remove 1 Plate and replace it with a Cooling Booster, then with the extra weight replace 1 Regen Booster with Energine Engine.

Remove Scalpel, and replace a Malice Beam with Last Words, remove the Charge and put in Hysteria.

You decide with the extra 17kg. :slight_smile:


Umm… Ok

Seem weird…



Thank you for the reply , just what i was looking for

@W.P.O.T.W & @2ab , thank you for your replies aswell.

(i know there is a way to select a reply as best answer , but no idea how that works)


um buddy your quote not working
ah there you go


that only works in the bugs section :grin:
you can try it out if you want
@BaBaBaBaBane i can help if you ever need help with a phy mech :grin:


oh , i happened to have a physical mech , needs a lot of working though



@PlagueKnight , currently i am not working on it , but yeah after a few weeks when i am done with my energy mech ,i will start on it.


okay i m going to sleep but i can help you i the morning sorry gota sleep


Top weapons:
Replace the dang lazar beeeeeeeeeeem with a Night Eagle.
If you find Spartan Carnage then replace night eagle with it.

Side Weapons:
Remove one of the night falls.
(optional) Remove War Hammer if you want to have 2 nightfalls. Your legs do the exact thing War Hammer does.

Replace it with something like Beast Rollers or Iron Boots. (This is if you want to keep War Hammer.) You can also have Claw if you have it.

Ya need more hp. And you also need to change up your mech to make room for better modules.


Reckless Beam


cough cough coooooooooooooooooooooough
Its a joke.


ok after getting my 2nd annihilation , i think i am gonna make my Physical mech something like this :

Any suggestion??


Might want to fill in the rest of the 25kgs

What rank is this for?


You forgot a Drone, I’d use Tonto