Some guy dumps images of their LEGO builds

It’s got insane articulation, an almost 180-degree bend at the elbow and knee, ankle tilt, a neck joint, almost human shoulder articulation, fingers, wrist, ab crunch, ab twist (and it can do both at once too!)
Edit: Also, the frame is not actually my own, look up Biqnicle, they have a helluva good frame with instructions to build it (I still consider this a moc, however, as it’s like saying a statue shaped like a human was based one ones before it)

Alright got some images of the finished design and a nice photo box



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i just finished a six-legged 3-cannoned heavy land dreadnaught which can carry 4 lego crates and about 5 people.

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Back with a mecha inspired upper torso, gotta figure out how I’m gonna get the lower torso to look nice though

nice. ill upload my six legged land dreadnaught asap