Some guy dumps images of their LEGO builds

Since I got decent support for my accidental recreation of Iron Boots, ill be occasionally posting some mecha I build in this thread, starting with the R-26 ‘Rhino’ Defensive Frame

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Alright, here it is, also apologies for the silver vomit. It fits a minifig too!



Oh, almost forgot to mention, the mech torso is actually the core of several different mech I’ve made, I’ll post those eventually

rich kid
they look kinda cool lol :v


Alright, here’s another design using the same torso and legs, but bristling with weaponry, the A-14 ‘Taurus’ heavy assault frame

(Just realized the missile pod was off-kilter oof)


What do you guys think, should I turn these into SM parts?

that side wep is annhi

Why not make a weakened Annihilation but after it’s used up you can whack your opponent with it (as it is mounted on an arm, just saying)

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ok, ima post the avenger class heavy dreadnaught-carrier asap
here are the pics

they’re lit, right


hmm, I’d invest in tile pieces from Bricklink, the studs look a bit busy and distract the viewer from the shaping.
Cannons look good, but the one near the center has a barrel that’s a little too long IMO
Just take my opinion with a grain of salt, though

mk, i think its lit. it carries 2 ships on the inside of the flaps on the rear.

Here’s the T-96 ‘Terrapin’ Autonomous Point Defense Unit

(Pardon the mess behind the build and the bad lighting on the first image

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holy sht, thats better than some of my builds…

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The way I do these is I look at various animals, such as in this case, a turtle, and try and get the shape of one by tossing parts together. I look and see if a weapon would look good somewhere, then I start throwing on more parts until it looks good.

Working on chibi-ing one of the mechs to save parts and use them for other builds, here it is so far


(Also it doesn’t skimp on articulation, it has a waist joint, as well as elbow, shoulder, knee, ankle, not wrists due to a cannon and sword for lower arms, and the shoulder weapons)

Oof i’m so mad that 'im on vacation now. I have a bunch of hero factory and boinicle pieces at home. Cain’t wait to start when I get back.


BOIonicle… that’s great

A little thing I’m working on… move along nothing to see here

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