Some fun maths on transformations

I had a free 30 minutes and decided to work out some silly things that would be stupid to do but are possible.

So firstly how many common items would it take to get a common item to a mythical?


How many rare items to Mythical?


How many epic items to mythical?


But this seems like loads of items?? what can i do to make it easier but not waste all my epics?

Simple! Use the correct items for the correct things. Use common items to help boost your favourite items and epic items to transform them. Try to use any unwanted epics and legendary’s to help you get an item to mythical.

Assuming you boost using 2/3rds commons and 1/3rd rares and start from an epics it takes only 410 commons, 205 rares and 21 epics to get a mythical, Seems a lot but much more doable than the above.

Table of results
Level Boost needed Sacrifice of items Common items required Rare items required Epic items required
Common to Rare 7,555 2 21 - -
Rare to Epic 35,822 3 153 24 -
Epic to Leg 71,520 4 791 136 25
Leg to Myth 165,810 5 4,370 775 173
Myth to Max 538,??? 0 5,715 1,081 327

Feel free to correct me on any numbers


horrible horrible :sob:


Use common items to help boost you’re favourite items and epic items to transform them.

If you’ve unlocked the final boss on campaign mode and have a good enough mech to plow through it you can get epic items easily as you are guaranteed to obtain two epics as a reward for that mission.


I saw “fun” and “maths” in the same sentence.

Nah meng I’m outta here

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