Some bugs in my game :(

What in the hell is this?!? Need helps!

It means that there isn’t any mechs on thet spot. If there is, either the torso is removed or legs which causes empty spaces like that well atleast on my experience

Your mech is being held hostage by Tacticsoft
Buy tokens or you will never see it again


Perhaps u moved it to one of the unused spots for 3v3? Have u checked?

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Guys, @ED-209, aren’t you humans? Don’t you sometimes feel you have enough of this shit. This empty slot is because one day, after zillions of battles fought, the poor mech felt he had enough… Could not bear all this negativity, all these opponents, fighting, shooting, overheating, wins and losses… He gave up, went to the meadows, lay down on the green grass, looked up in the sky and felt synergy with the nature!!! And then he got STONED… literally


so true

it’s old picture(but yea pay for ur mech back ) JK