Some bugs I have run into

First off I am using a android tablet not a phone, so my experience may be slightly different.

  1. Disconnect from server, happens constantly at least 3-5 times a day, regardless of how close I am to the router. Device is set to keepalive connection.

  2. Ads not loading, causing game to lockup and crash.

  3. Minor sound lag now and then, with it coming a few seconds after the weapon fires.

  4. Boss fights having extra lag to them without warning, been disconnected in the middle of a boss fight several times?

So yeah, other then that I do like this game so much. Woo.

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Most if not all of these can be attributed to your device.

Extra Lag, Sound Lag, and wifi disconnecting.

Have you tried this on mobile, pc and elsewhere and had the same issues? if you haven’t had these issues there. It’s likely your device. I’d suggest trying the app on a phone and seeing if it acts the same.

As for server disconnecting, it could be your wifi reception on the device or wifi overall.