Some Basic Etiquette

You have a working timer. A 5 minute head’s up to your customers informing them that you’ll be conducting maintenance would be a nice courtesy instead of forcibly ejecting them from whatever they were doing.


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Any other period you would be totally right. However the past few days we were handling a huge traffic load and sometimes we had a crash we could only solve by a restart. We couldn’t plan it in advance or warn anyone.

The team had been working extra hard and we added more new servers the past 3 days then we ever did. I hope you won’t see these happen anymore, though I obviously still can’t guarantee it.


Thank you for the explanation. I’m happy to see that the player base is growing and trust that you’ll have things under control soon. Likewise, I also hope that once you’ve dealt with the stability issues, this influx of new players will also give your team the extra impetus to iron out the issues we’ve been raising in the forum.