Solving the Arena Low Population Crisis

Population in the arena is really poor, and waiting for matches takes very, very long at all ranks.

It’s really a simple fix. Incentivise players. Give a premium box every 50 matches, premium pack every 500.

If the arena population continues to dwindle then this game dies. Better to keep a revenue stream alive by giving away something that costs you nothing. The apparent greed of the developers is gonna kill this game.


Imagine how many active players that pay money they could have kept if only the compensated them for all their past items when reloaded came out


No he’s saying that every 50 arena battles you win you get a premium box

That’s what you call a Clan Box but with better prizes

The clan box comes every 2000 wins. It’s not enough incentive to keep the arena populated.

The point is to encourage players to return to arena as often as possible. By the way, this applies to arena wins.

Also, not everyone belongs to a clan, and some clans are lucky to get to 1000 wins for the week.

There needs to be some mechanism in place to boost the arena population to 1000 online players at any given stage.

I’m just saying it’s similar to the clan box

the solution is easy…
make the game LESS pay-to-win…

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