SoL/SoLe coming back

So I just came back after 5 years of vacations to see many of my main players don’t play anymore! and see many of my sub players have grown in the game this years!

just tried and era with some players I met in EA (Earth Arena) and went pretty good until got stabbed by an alliance witch I wont be putting there name in bad terms!

so pretty much I’m looking to form My alliance SoL and SoLe back again!

for those new players a little about SoL and SoLe! We are an alliance in witch we take full control of the map taking 1st and 2nd place making a full domination of the world! both teams are always balanced to support each other to the fullest and to take turns on winning the era! we absolutely do not take the era easy so we don’t hang with players just riding for blues! activeness and support its always a must! boosting its always a plus that comes handy and most of the players do in our teams!

So I still have time to finish the team and find good players to take over M1 once again! I already have 20+ players but still looking to find those who really are SoL material like the players before!

if interested in joining our clan add me on skype el_coqui_of_puerto_rico


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Good luck Coqui :slight_smile:

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out of curiousness, how long exactly have you played and been apart of SoL? im quite a historic memeber who has since decided to check back into BD and am also trying to relocate some of my old player and alliances. back in the day i ran MAS, and was in alliance with SoL and Sole aswell as had my fair share of wars with the same people. looking forward to your response.


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So you have 20+ players, why do you need more? Add more and era will be 2 easy, you already have enough people for main alliance and a sub, do you plan to take all top 5 spots?

Woah, 5 years of vacations! Welcome back, I assume you got tired of it. You must have visited many places, seen too many faces. Absorbed tremendous amount of culture and experiences. Do tell us more about your travels, we are eager to learn.

On a side note, what is SoL/SoLe?


u guys do realize u are replying to a post made 4 months ago and the guy who made the post didnt login on forums for past 3 months.

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lmao 20 charactersss

ah lol, didnt notice…
Did he comeback? Did he play/win?

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We will find out in 5 years


Coqui was hella inactive from what I saw (everyones got a life to live, the less you play BD the more time you got :sleepy:) but I think he did win F2 era 78

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Oy vay, no way Jose! Really?!?
Naaah we didn`t realize, you were the first one to notice it. Thanks for the enlightenment.


He tried to find most of his old teammates like Ourania, junche, michael, mirage, bavatt, toma, celene, KJ, Nadia, Nero, sayan, etc etc but most of them were gone.

Still they had a decent team before the eras was about to start like , Apollo , Niracas , Emo , Mirage… But for some unknown reason most of them stopped replying 2 weeks before the era start and they just dropped the era.

He later played as a supporting leader in a few of SAIL eras. and yeah won F2 and F3 with other alliances.


hahahahaha lol leo wooooooooopppsss