So, why am I a ghost now?


When I type in chat, no one else can see my messages but me.

Cleared cache and cookies, used different browsers, used different devices, no difference.

Most of my entertainment in this game comes from the chat, so it’s obvious why this is a big problem for me.

Battle invitations still work fine, and others can see my messages in battle.


Is this because I asked Mohadib about the helmet?
I will find out the secret of the helmet one day.


I told everyone not to talk to you! :smiling_imp:


Ok… say goodbye to your roof again… this time, until they remove fusion costs. :wink:


Or do x10 award for victory


Im gonna tell tacticsoft to not remove the fusion cost until you put my roof back.
Wondering which going to happen sooner… They remove the fusion cost or you put back my roof.
I think non of them will ever happen :frowning:


I think this is a way of the game telling me to get lost and never return.

…something I probably should have done a long time ago. :frowning:


Yeah, you’d make everybody happy with that :grin:



Oje, so he will never get his roof again !