So... who won myth plates from the event?

i think supermechs forgot about this serton event sadly, i really wanted one but from what i understand no one has reseved one and it is well past the 19th

i enterd 11 entrys and got 3 ledgenderys

The list was revealed on the very forum topic they opened up about it.

Go back and reread. It caused quite a bit of drama lol

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Everyone got butthurt that someone else got plats lol

Everyone got angry because it was 99% false :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel baked off my shit watching your profile pic flip it’s shit

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İ personally got 2 of them, for 6 opened boxes. Anytime a second raffle

grabs popcorn

That’s why I use it

Trololontuya :laughing:

Bro don’t spoil my fun