So, when do we get a item portal


When do we gat a item portal, i have forgoten what they look like, and where they are on the map


How many times should I tell you that they appear in Thursday? Well, Thursday has already passed but none came up because last Sunday there was one, so probably at Sunday there will be one.




Dude, i have no idea what day is which, i am ither ahead or behind people


I have noticed one thing though…


Special Quests is 48 Hours now? Well I mean killing 100 Enemies is a bit too long, but it can be done in 24 hours.

Does that mean Portals and everything else is back at 48 Hours?


It means devs want us to have this, then new titan, then crap sale, then maybe portal


Nah boy, it’s this Special Quest first, then new titan but because current Titan is going to end for about tomorrow, this Special Quest will have 24 more hours, then probably Portal after that.


Me and trafi where talking, will prob be in 5-6 days


What made you think that it will come in 5-6 days? That’s WAAAY too long.

Looks like all that waiting made your brains stink.


Wanna tip from trafi, when your out of fuel do raid


Remember TS Version of 2 weeks


I know this way before you said this to me lol


we missed item portals.
@Sarah247 @Mohadib @SilverBox @jonny AND OTHER DEVELOPERS ARE UNDER ARREST!!!


How have you forgotten what they look like? literally looks the same as a gold portal or any portal for that matter…


sarcasm, friend.

This text will make 20 characters


Just stop it alredy.


I done in less than 30 minutes


I did it in 10 minutes. I have a special level I can farm in.


I know…I was going along


Or you use lazyman’s solution: Autopilot Raid if you have a strong enough mech :smiley_cat: