So what should i do next

guys i am confused what to make myth and what build i mean

  1. which mech will be better
    a. nightfall+annihilation+mercy
    b. nightfall+annihilation+night eagle
    c. your idea

  2. i have myth max nightfall
    so which one should i myth next annihilation or mercy?

Definitely c. nightfall+mercy+night eagle.

Nightfall+night eagle +mercy is better, because it have high-dam and no dead range, just equip 4 energy module, 2 heat module and 3 plates if you use zarkares torso, other equip 3 energy modules and 4 plates.

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I’d say the same.NF,NE and Mercy if you can afford the weight.
If you get another Annihilation,you could go for either Dual Annihilation,NF and NE.
Otherwise you’re going to run out of ammo/have to jump to use you close range weapons instead of pulling the opponent (every turn too,Mercy pushes).

I wish i got mercy, i can live with push and occasional bad rng