So... what is up here?

okay so, this is the majority of the tacticsoft team. most seen last year. its as if they quit on the game. even the ceo hasnt been on for damn near 3 years

So. the death of supermechs is nearing because the staff isnt doing much about the game. and as far as i hear, @Sarah247 and maybe one other person runs this game now. its on its last leg. what now guys?


What now is that you go to the other way atm.


As I said …

This is the END :exclamation:



cos Sarah said it isnt, BUT all they did is bring an update which was planned anyways since +1 year


just buy out sm for $3


Smirk and Bersek were Sarah’s replacement for while she was away, they no longer work for SM or TS as I know. For the others, I think those are BD admins, which also dont work in TS anymore, but the admins werent taken away from them.


Didn’t michael leave TS

wow, thats a lot of people who worked for sm but dont anymore…

hahahaha… is supposed he can to be here without logging in (you too), he may even have another profile that you don’t even suspect … (the comment made me laugh)

After Alexander, Bersek was the best here

ts stands for thanos snap

as in half the team was thanos-snapped outta the company

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Reloaded = thanos snap confirmed


what an invented inference

also a small reference but okay

Ghost ship,in case that u don t get it (this is for the best :clown_face: )

ts = titanic sinking


So the only devs standing is Sarah and Mohadib?