So what is the best one?


I was thinking if you guys can ( i know you can , LOL ) tell me what is the best electric damage sword on the game , Right now i have a maxed Scalpel , Which i had it from a long time image
I was thinking is scalpel , the best electric damage sword on the game ?


No, there is a Legendary to Mythical version named Brightroar. Shown down below v




And there are only 2 Energy swords in the game…

Please correct if I am wrong


Wow man , now i want that sword so bad


Want a tip? Focus in your hammer.


I am actually , i have it mythical now , But a legendary sword would be better because it has range 2 , and it has good ele damage, not like the hammer , you’ll need to be close to the enemy , But still the hammer is also good


Nope, unless you’re a physical mech you don’t need to get close to your opponent. Try keeping 'em far away.


But , i’m a physical electric mech , So ? Will that affect my advantage in any battle ?


Using different type weapons like that isn’t effective, because your electric weapons does not deal enought damage to make worth the use of physical weapons, and also your physical weapons won’t make any energy drain…

No enought damage + No enought energy drain = Rip

That’s why no one should mix their mech types.


The best energy sword in the game is also the only one,BrightRoar.
Scalpel is it’s lower tier version,also the only energy sword of the lower tier items.