So What do you guys Think About Item Trades?

So I was thinking of Item trades. Wouldn’t it be cool, if you could trade items with your friends, or to just generally help a new player out? I have met at least 10 new players a day, asking questions, and how to get better. I honestly feel bad for them, so I kind of wish we could give items to new people, or just to help people in general. If you agree with me, just say so in the comments, if not. I am not going to judge your opinion.


I swear, there are more than five other posts regarding item trading. Go read them and see why it won’t work.


Oh. I see your point. I actually saw your own discussion. Well rip on this idea

A rank 20 beating a rank 9. That would be disturbing.

Ok someone should bann anymore new topics with the title “trading” seriously fed up of this ####

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