So umm , let's talk about an idea


So when you try to get more gold , there is a button of 50,000 gold for 50 tokens , since the game doesn’t allow you to buy tokens with gold or any other way except money , Why don’t tactisfot team , make a exchange button at the menu of the game basically here

Where you can basically exchange tokens for gold , example 50,000 gold for 50 tokens , and also you can exchange as many gold as you want with as many tokens as you have , depends on how much you’re gonna exchange it for , it’s also same for tokens as gold , you can for example , let’s say you have 12,000 gold , and you wanna get 12 tokens , then you’ll have to spend that gold to get those 12 tokens , depends on how much you wanan spend , let’s say you have 1,000,000 gold , it can get you 1000 tokens.


That was in SM before Reliaded, but that feature was removed.


Yeah… And idea… People can just farm to the ends beginning and get loads of tokens… Also, this is TS


Tokens would be too ez to get then


remember when raid was introduced with easy tokens which are high amount,then why not