So. The New Account

Yes I know I have been popping up everywhere about my account getting stolen or some other stupid reason. (Yes I called myself stupid I have no life.) So, I have recently saw a lot of people with physical mechs. So, I had decided to make a new account for a physical mech start, but I wanted to log onto my main account (which I got back.) Then when I log in, I see the new updates. From there, I almost had a heart attack that my mech might has been deleted. I go in, and see that it was replaced. So, I thought that this was a bug, but no. Apparently someone else had took account (Which I have no idea how. I did not tell anyone I was offline :confused: ) So. I started the physical mech. So, what I usually do when I start a new account. Is I say up to 335 tokens, and open a premium pack. Then from there, got Annihilation, WITH Nightfall. I mean, what are the chances of THAT happening. So I started the physical mech root. Some of you may not care, but I will be posting up a picture of my mech at around 4:30 today. For people who have already done physical roots. Please give me some tips. I am so used to draining energy.


Sounds like you are off to a good start, good luck!

Also maybe don’t make your password “password” or “supermechs” lol


u said my password XD JK

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I’m a phys user and I recommend 2 nightfalls with an anni for those pesky energy mechs, along with a void drone and a windigo torso (zark is better but more rare).

I have a void drone already. And I used to be an energy mech with the Windigo Torso, but as of right now. I am trying to find Avenger, Zakares, Brutality, Yoshimo, or anything that I could use that would go well with a physical mech.

I didn’t make my password “password” or “supermechs” xD Lol. I still wonder why some people do that. I do a very complicated password that I can memorize quite well, since I had done it for the past 2 years.

I stick with you my friend. I have played starcraft 1 and remember the hunter killers quite well. I add a few numbers after hunterkiller, so it would take you a long time to find my password.

It’s possible that someone on your network captured your password and if supermechs’ passwords arent encrypted then its really easy to steal them. This is the only way i know someone could get your password and i don’t thinks its possible for someone outside your network to get your password

I’m the only one in my family that plays supermechs. If thats not what you meant, then I will delete my post

Well i have no idea how your password was stolen they only possibility is that you told someone it or someone saw you enter it in which are very unlikely

Nope. I didn’t tell anyone. I just log off, log in the next day. See the uodate. Think my mech is deleted. Realize that it is not deleted. Have to start new account because I have no idea who took my account this time. I have no part in this of telling anyone my password or username.

yup. I’m pretty sure he’s just doing the level reset

Then how was my mech stolen by someone else. I was back down to level 5, but my original mech was still there at level 82 (I started a new account. Worked on it for to days. I am level 35. I am dead inside.)