So, so, which paint is better? [POLL] (hurry up for voting because poll will close after 10 days!)


So , as you can see, my mech is mostly black, with a black maxed drone too, and a orange spinefall which isn’t maxed/mythed yet. but maybe another paint would be cooler. So WHICH paint is better?

  • Pink Marble
  • Keep it black, it is more cool than any other paint
  • Green Marble
  • Blue marble
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Yellow
  • Red

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Im not adding red and other patterns, because the price is way too high for a paint


Keep the black.


I will hold the poll on for 10 days, so hurry up for voting!


I know I said blue marble.
But, to be honest. I really like the marble paints. The lightning one and the new “rainbow madness overdrive” one is a bit to flashy in the eye. I like it simple too.


Either pink marble or full pink


Is easy

Black = Heat mechs
White = Energy mech
Fisical = (I don’t know, I think the black too)

It is a matter of combining the colors with the elements, but for the heat I prefer black.


Yoir problem ain’t the paint,my brother.
You should focus on your weapon setup (since it’s crazy inefficient) and you modules.I see you have terrible core stats.


Where you see it ? XD


The stats?
In another thread and I know he has realy bad ones.




After all the advice we give him he still hasn’t a clue what to do

No point in trying ¯\ _(ツ)_ /¯


Dios… Primero quita esa SpineFall… Segundo ponte mejores módulos… Tercero, mejor cambia todo tu mech, necesitas mejorar tus modulos, y un consejo… Los hibridos no son los mejores, lo se, es cool, pero no es lo mejor.


but if using a good combination THEY CAN WRECK mechs


Bueno, supongo que tienes razon, buena suerte con eso, seria interesante descubrir una combinacion híbrida lo suficientemente buena como para entrar en los rangos superiores…Creo que nadie lo ha hecho, aún.


Brennankawamura 2.0 confirmed.


This name tells me something…is he still around ?


But we alredy did had an 2.0 one.
We will just nae em 3.0 lol.


Not everyone is rich bro…but I like your style