So, now that i have killed RR, can i join?


Found this player here he went running for the hills at the sight of my mech, so can i join RR?


[NOTE} This is a joke, if you do want me fell free to try contact me


But he quited on you.


I count that as a win in my book, as a said


That’s your book.
But there is an original one lol.


Alex doesnt quit, that is probably a lost of connection or something similar. Definitely wouldnt quit, especially since you were rank 6, and him rank 5.


Could be that he was smurfing…


He was a Rank 4, I was Rank 5.

Won to him twice now. Nice job me.



Alex doesn’t smurf, and technically belongs in this rank for 2-3 days.


Lol in Legacy I killed Grosbite…


Lol in old days I killed Lannister and Aegis.


Lol in old days I killed Wepwawet.


Lol in old days I beat all SM YTubers

Not SSundee though cause’ never met him yet. What a lost opportunity :disappointed_relieved:


I have a collection of screenshots who I won, in old days xD
But not gonna brag :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


SSundee still played the game back then?
I thought he stopped playing.


i am gonna ask him to start playing again, the devs will give him alot of tokens and he will still use the worst items and think the more items you have on the more heat you get XD, they might make him into the new rank 1


I think he made about 2 videos on it, then quit.


Defeating doesn’t matter
The no.of wins and rank matters
I have defeated many top player’s but that doesn’t mean I can join a top clan :grinning: