So many Great Ideas


So many Great Ideas ideas i see pop up for BD but did any of them get added lately? Did any of the ideas ever get implemented in the game?

so yes? wich ones?


Jesse, Alex has been improving Battle Dawn and has already released some updates. just because you don’t seem to be noticing changes and improvements, doesn’t mean its not happening. Alex has said he will be implementing some of those great ideas, but that isn’t priority. he has a lot of work and lots of ideas to implement. he’s prioritizing. instead of implementing ideas that will make something players that are currently playing be able to do a bit differently or more easily (things they can already do), he is trying to bring in more players into Battle Dawn and make them want to stay. which would be a lot better for the rest of us as well. if you do not want to see Battle Dawn grow and prosper and don’t care about Battle Dawn, carry on. but don’t try to accuse anyone of not doing anything. thank you for your time. hoping you enjoy this completely different more user-friendly forum that is completely the same as before and hasn’t changed, right?



Why are you so toxic Kaen?


Because girls don’t talk to him irl so he takes it out on the forum :no_good:


being toxic and stating valid points that have been brought up several times before, are two very different things, lads. thank you for your time.


Alright Kean take it easy now please if something is bothering you than I’m always here to talk with you about it…

Just wanted a quick update if things have changed since a year ago… aside from Simmen leaving…

so you said Battle Dawn and has already released some updates. May i ask what updates?


i apologize if i sounded harsh. this is something i myself have asked about (why these things aren’t implemented) and i’ve seen a lot people ask. i was just trying to be helpful and answer your question. here is a thread about the last update…


Jesse’s been out for a while, thats all kaen. She was legit asking what’s new.

So Jesse, new things

  • Ilona left again
  • ticks auto pause when issues occur and restart on next tick (so ddos doesnt mean anyone dying, it just freezes ticks)
  • server improvements in geberal for faster refresh speeds have been implemented
  • my factions event was put into action (and people blew it up Jesse :cry:)
  • these here forums
  • i think there were some additional minor changes as well.

More will come, but they committed to attempting a monthly update. But change is good :slight_smile: least they’re up to making some again ^^
None if the ideas suggested on the forums themselves have been made yet. Hopefully soon though :slight_smile:

Also kaen - never try to spellcheck Jesse. It’s a never ending battle that you will never win in a million years :joy: (love you Jesse! :heart:)


are you sure? try me



You got no idea in what you got yourself into


There’s another update upcoming too.

Mostly fixes and such, right now I am a bit stuck on an annoying bug (keep in mind the client hasnt been touched in many years… Its getting all sorts of issues free of charge thanks to all the changes to the platform since :stuck_out_tongue:) , but I promise it’ll be worth it. :slight_smile:

Not everything players ask for may get implemented, simply put we already play (and love) the game. While I am up for doing some things here and there as nice “thank yous” to the people who stuck to us so long, ultimately our main focus is taking away the reasons people leave the game, or dont stay to begin with. :slight_smile:


thank you for making this game so enjoyable for us mere mortals, Admin Alex. :kissing_heart:


Was one of the improvements downgrading BD’s servers to third world Syrian ISIS servers lul.



I would just like to point out alex, only 2 or 3 player ideas have EVER gotten implemented, like EVER. Even some of the really good ones got ignored.


AI colonies and an event when daily bonus is available were ideas from players. Alex has only recently taken over the updates so we have to give him a chance to use some of the ideas suggested.


Not entirely true, though I see your point ( a fair share of those unimplemented suggestions in “Popular Suggestions” were mine :stuck_out_tongue:).

Updates were stopped at some point, and before that it was often a specific influential group in BD that was heard :frowning: (in the end vocal players could get their opinion in deeper than polls…)

It’s worth mentioning I stole multiple ideas in the last update from suggestions (sadly on the old forum), the new update steals a few more. (and will give credit where due in the changelog) :smiley:


My suggestion got completely ignored
And its quiet good if i may say so especially for newbies to learn the game

And i tagged you xD
Just saying check it out
Quiet easy and free to implement…i think :disappointed_relieved::dizzy_face::smirk: