So Ketan just got no.1 BOAT on F1


The title says it all. Excuse me, what the hell?

I thought it was bad when Yozius got that M2 BOAT… eish… then this rayu person must’ve picked it up in the last year, and now… Ketan…

I didn’t even play the era, I wouldn’t have noticed if it wasn’t for the disgustingly low power disgracing the rank 1 spot.


Awh, deleted so quickly?


he did nothing but steal from dusk…


Better than having milan cheat through another one


My problem is that why do admins never make more effort to tell the public of these potentially heavy crystal filled worlds then some random dudes play and gather 3k xtals.

Dear Admins, If we want a better challenge at worlds, lets hype our eras a bit more.


I feel Tom’s being trying to do that tho, through his new events on worlds i.e m1/m2 dual era competion, and the current m2 event (where it was advised there would be xtals aplenty). Maybe if the era’s events i.e xtals on mines/extra garrisons etc, were posted on the forum say a week or even more by the admin it’l l get more interest? At the moment it’s only advertised as the era resets, so this may give players a bit more of a chance to clear their schedule and get a team going.

Also by starting a forum topic on the era, it’ll generate more interest for late planters as br’s / war progression etc is advertised (like what happened with the big e1).


Not many people knew what was going on in F1 till it ended. Implying the competition was low but lasted longer. If more people knew there were 3k xtals being released then the chances of more teams and clans being involved would have rise to a higher level. There needs to be some sort of real time news event update for every world we have right now. Similar to people volunteering to cover era news in the forums but just raw data i assume.


Yep, a real-time news event page within bd sounds good, with things like; 4 relics released (50xtals each), 3 garrisons released (100xtals each) etc


I suggest you check out my suggestion for a hyped 4k Crystal E1.


At least milan had a good power compared to those ridiculously low powers.


I feel all worlds must have a minimum of 3k crystals released from now onwards. Otherwise, BOATs make no sense.

Come on, there has to be some minimum sanity even in the midst of insanity. :stuck_out_tongue: