So, I've switched to Battle


Soo that’s why it’s low.


Ye merciful is right but most people who play this game are fairly self sustaining people, you gotta suck to not be able to manage this game with a real life :stuck_out_tongue: (altho no one gets sleep thats true)

@0ld_Supermechs_User like dankmentos said, there are plenty of people (myself included I guess) who can help you if you’re actually serious about playing. (Discord link to the BDA:)

Batlledawn has legitimately changed my life for the better I think, but its very different and far more demanding than Supermechs. I’ll mentor you if you wanna play lol


Carter beat me to it xD

Battledawn users are generally older… but you should see the skype chats and discords. I’d say we are worse than SM.


BD is simply a different beast than SM. SM allows for more casual play at your own pace and time. BD on the other hand requires your attention at your inconvenience. In order to not let your teammates down (if you’re doing well) you may be called up at 3am your time to do something important. Because of this hard demand on your time, players often burnout quickly when they reach a higher play level. HOWEVER, because of that time you dedicate to the game, you also often find lasting friendships. Because you end up spending hours of your day talking with teammates on skype or discord and spending near sleepless nights fighting with them for victory.

SM also has lots of rivalries that never really shift (as you have no real reason to change teams often). BD on the other hand is done by eras, which change every 1-3 months pending the worlds speed and competition. And while there are “family” teams which stick together often on different worlds/eras, they have definitely faded out in comparison to the past. So with that being the case, you find that you often play with other players in teams and at times, may even find yourself playing with your enemy in a previous era’s.