So I've read something on forum

Everyone is talking about some new version. Dudes, what are you talking about?? I only noticed that there are 2 silver boxes in the shop and I read here that weapons with range 1-2 range are now changed to 2-4 range (maybe I’m wrong :confused: ). Can anybody tell me something about this new version??

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Bloody hell you posted it too, and now they removed it.


What…?? :confused:

They removed that box, because two people posted it in the forums.

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Oh, ok… and are there any else changes?

On energy I guess…

Hmm…? I haven’t noticed anything.

Is it not yet fixed? on the energy dmg?

I don’t know… :confused:

well… they fixed it already

And how was it before? :confused:

Oh, that. That was just a glitch in a portal, because all portals are glitchy.

It’s not just in the portal last month, but on the missions w/ ELE type enemies


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Where the two boxes?

It has been removed about an hour ago or less.

Good to know, :unamused:

:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: