So I've noticed something new

This looks nice:

And I’ve also noticed this:

I remember I posted a topic about realistic item changing. Is not the same as my idea, but is good. I think is even better than my idea because it would take long to make, and watching mechanical hands changing you mech parts would be a waste of time. So yea, I guess this is good. :slight_smile: @Sarah247 @Mohadib @Elcent Thanks for acepting my idea.


I like one because I am armed with World War 4 with so much lag for opening many tabs xD

never seen that before

ami does not appear :confused:

It was in game long ago (visible item changing)

it appears only if you haven’t completed it yet. you can see it isn’t completed in my campaign.

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Forget that, there are more other things the admins need working on the game, and if you click the last mission when you are not on it, it will show the mech you will be playing.