So, it is ok to insult players on broadcast now?


Stupid, imbecile and ■■■ I have been called in a broadcast on E5, 3 separate broadcasts attacking me personally without any provocation, I have reported every incidence but admin joe keeps telling me to use the ignore function… ignore function??? for a broadcast??? is he even reading my messages???

I remember the days when we could play without being insulted, and when an occurrence like this would be reason enough for a permanent ban. Now, because they dont want to “thin out the competition” this kind of behaviour is tolerated?? Wake up!!! this kind of behavior is what thins out the competition!!!

I have been fair player and a supporter for 10 years, why do I have to put out with this??


see, the system wont even let me type the word he used!! lol

It is a 3 letter word, starts with an F, ends with a G and has an A in the middle


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you are not entitled to be treated like a princess because you have played the game before. kill the people insulting you if you are offended by it. not sure why you thought crying on the forum would make people sympathetic to you. it will just make people look at you with disgust at your whining


I am not looking to be treated like a princess, but with the respect that we all, even you, deserve.


and, it is people like you, who lack maturity and intelligence, that ruins the experience for everyone. And you are telling me to grow up??? HA!!!


Just a reminder…


if we all acted like proper gentlemen this game would be boring af. go play chess or something loser


shut up u noob excel, IMBECILE!!!


Im reporting you!! Admins u better slam the ban hammer on this bad boy!! I cannot deal with this level of disrespect!! BRB im changing my diaper!!


Excel, your a stupid dummy doodoohead. He bring up valid point. Your just dumb for not undrastanding


Excel is dumbo pumpkin head for not understanding how to talk to people normally


Stop being rude Excel wtf? Never playing with you again


Why is it that when this guy complains about being insulted on a broadcast everybody rushes to the other side and attacks him, but when I insult somebody on a broadcast everybody flames me :frowning:



Would you like a trench coat and glock in your backpack with that edge?


dont tempt me boooiiiiiiii



they just flaming back. this guy crying about it lol


ok but i was right with getting angry for yall not doing a damn thing lol



As long as no one takes those insults seriously such bc’s are fun.