So im stuck and i need your help


i currently posses enough resources to myth any of my legenaries (even lvl 1’s) and want to know which to myth

  • heat point
  • terror blade
  • vandal rage
  • chaos bringer
  • dawn blaze
  • flaminator

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what makes you say dawn blaze @DDark_515k


Good range, good used, good drain, good dmg


@willybobhero Myth that HeatPoint first

At max it hits like a slightly weaker Supreme Cannon


ah cock, well i did something different


As long as you myth it eventually lol




Don’t bother with Chaos bringer… it’s pretty lame.


I don’t see any top players using DawnBlaze, ChaosBringer, or flaminator…

You should focus on Terrorblade, heat point and Vandal rage


Dawnblaze is actually a top heat weapon.