So i was thinking of a campaign idea


So umm , When someone finishes the whole campaign in 1v1 or even 2vs2 , in all dificulties…, He won’t be able to replay the campaign with same rewards as you played it for the first time , Why don’t you make people can replay the campaign with same rewards as you play it the first time??


Why do you hate it when someone replays a mission? Lots of ppl need gold and xp and they can get it from replaying


And they will get tokens too?


For the first and last time , i didn’t or never hated the IDEA to replay mission , but what the idea contains , is what i hate , you’ll loose all your fuel , then it will be hard for you to refil it , PEACEOUT


You can choose whether or not u want to replay it


Then That’s a great IDEA , as long as i can stop whenever i wanr even if my fuel doesn’t run out