So I’ve Done it

What am I supposed to do now


Myth your other weapons- while also maxing the zarkares

Maxing the zarkares is like adding on three extra epic iron plating- maxing the zarkares adds 300 health!

Nice job!
Now bring it to around level 35, myth your legs, weapons and drone while bring them to around level 35 also.
Next max the torso, legs, 1 weapon, drone, and rest of the weapons.

Pray to RNG Jesus to give you a lot of E-M modules, and also platinum plating.

In the mean time, max legend modules, and do the same steps for the second mech. While in the middle of the second mech process, myth a few modules and then max em.

Rinse and repeat.

That’s what you should do.

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800 health to 1100

now use it as myth food

worth it

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one iron plating has 145 hp my dude

Oops, meant level 1…

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lol Platinum Plate much

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Myth legs lad.