So, I play Geometry Dash now


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My username if u want to be mah frend in gd


still stuck at Clubstep 69% with 4000 attemps


I sent you now, I’m Cayene lmao

Also coolio you have some demons finished :open_mouth:


Later i accept.

still farming
and yes…i finished some ez demon


Lol, while I’m here finishing a Medium Demon from Funnygame. At 37% (kept getting stuck at a part that should be easy enough)

Also, what are those demons? Would like to try them.


Platinum adventure, the nightmare and lightning road(very ez)

just got my 4th archi while farming

(Still training a level called Robotic Rush(64%)


For practising levels, download them and repeat from the parts that give you most trouble, i’ve beaten nine circles that way




Cool, I know that level. Old Extreme Demon right?

Also, anyone knows the ID to Master game? I’d like a Zelda-Like rpg

Now I’m waiting for someone that will say they beated Bloodlust or Sonic Wave


GG nice level
just defeat it


Thanks, took me about 1 day to create it.

Sadly, don’t have the patience to make a whole one. :frowning:


I suck at the game.
Here are the levels I finished.

Stereo Madness
Back On Track
Dry Out
Cant Let Go
(Some of these I can’t remember) I finished up to theory of everything.
Clutter Funk I am getting close to beating.
I beat Hexagon Force, Geometrical Dominator and… Finger Dash I am pretty sure I finished too.




And right now I am torturing myself by making a 9 minute long level.
because I didn’t realize the song I chose was 9 minutes long.


U can try my level if u want
no regret


can’t right now.
At school. Banned phones dammit


I beated :

All levels up to jumper
Theory of Everything (surprisingly easy, finished it in 2 days)
Blast Processing

And only that. Trying to finish Fingerdash, TimeMachine and Cycles.


=Currently, i am trying to beat extreme deamon: singularity. It is fun but hard as hell, you should play it.
My highest is 27%

Also, quick tip for deadlocked: practice spamming. It (for some reason) took me two weeks to get a hand of the wave bits.


And also, are playing lite?


Welp…i m gonna practice a level called freedom after beating robotic rush