So I just wanna hear your opinion, guys (PLEASE)

Most of you have heard of my Campaign 2.0, and I would really like to know what do you think about it. But don’t tell me what will TS do about it, just tell me what do you think about it. I won’t make a poll, because I want to know your opinion exactly. (I will post a link to the topic in comments later).

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It’s a nice concept and it’s kinda of a good story(Can make a movie about it,it will be a good idea)

Well, I’m not a animator or anything, but i could create pictures and make a slide show of pictures.

Here is a link to to Campaign 2.0:

Its amazing , hope it get added , but again , just 2 weeks after the new campaign is implemented , they will nerf it to garbage just like big boy’s beta drop rate for a guaranteed epic each run , the lovely cycle continues

It’s a good idea i like it

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really like it would make the game better :slight_smile:

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