So I decided to go looking for a new clan

Hello, Leberecht Maass here. I’m currently looking for a decent clan that isn’t formal or over-the-top competitive. If you’re wondering about my experience, time played, my playstyle, personality, my rank capabilities, or anything like that, please refer to the link below:

Also, I would like to add that I’m American and a sole English speaker as I can’t speak any other language but I am still capable of understanding some Spanish and I am generally easygoing and respectful towards others as long as they’re respectful towards me in return.

I don’t mind joining a low-level clan or a newly started one as I just only want to be a part of a clan that is casual and friendly towards all players. I am also active, generally active daily or somewhere along those lines.

If you wish to recruit me, I will be checking SuperMechs and here for any offers.


If you want a chill clan with no requirements, join mine.


my clan’s name is BUND OSTLAND
i formed a year ago, altough i am an old sm player
there is one other member beside me
if you wanna join, you are welcome, it is open, just click on it

there are no rules, it is casual…no…only one rule…no disrespect or foul language…


@PFAHLMANN Is there anything else that I should know about your clan?

@Shoultz262 Your offer is well-structured but I should at least allow others to send requests before I make a decision.

can’t think of any…but i will answer all the questions if you have one…

Hmm… How active is your clan so far?

we play every day, use all fuel and daily five wins, titan and raid…

That sounds like something that I do on a daily basis (I usually do rank 15 solos 5 times per day but I’m currently in rank 12 since I wanted to get the rank 12 box for this season before downranking again)

if you want you welcome to join, if you like you stay, if you dont, you go for bigger and better things…no grudge…

Alright, I’ll consider joining the clan

ok…you let me know…

I’ve joined the clan and I started on accumulating the 5 daily wins