So, how much have you spent on SM?


Just trying to get an idea of how much people averagely spend on this game. Please be honest here. Thank you.

  • $10-50
  • $51-100
  • $101-200
  • $201-300
  • $301-500
  • $501-1000
  • $1001-2000
  • Over $2000
  • I have never spent money on SM, but I will when I can
  • I will never spend money on SM

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Just want to see if I’m normal or have over done it.


Too much for the wallet and not enough for the top ranks


i guess so even thogh i can spend 200 in sm


What about us who spent less than 10 $ but still that isnt 0? :joy:


I will never spend money now or when i am older for one reasons:

-it is not worth it, A hour grinding campaign is the same as $100 - the devs have no idea how much of a rip off their prices are.

Maybe an exaggeration, but still.


I’ve spent time on SM,which is 2 years for legacy and a few months for reloaded



I do not want to displease the tacticsof people but I have always felt deeply that the price of the tokens is a scam … I’ll give you an idea, I do not have a cell phone with 100 dollars, I buy one of the good ones and I take advantage of games that are free. My point is that if it cost a little less I could spend 2 or 3 dollars that the money that my parents give me weekly




when sm reload again :joy:


Spent that on my old acc I had before SM reloaded


it depends on the month 6-150 euro and bigger 280 euro but I win nothing, now it’s over I stop spending or exceptionally spend less than 10 euros

imagine in any spend over 6 years


wow… Then you have met me multiple times in arena and I won mostly. I guess you even spent much more time, not only money.

It is not p2w. It is pay and have ton of luck 2win.


I’ll spend whenever I can.

Right now, I’m broke.