SO, how did you go for the raid?


The raid has now ended, so how did everyone do this week? I got 300th


Just lucky to got 25th place
didn’t lost 25 tokens lol


i see this dude up there


plz give 2 magma blast to me


No claw, No plates, No mighty protector, No Maximum protector, No Molten Vest. No magma, No Shield, No L-M teleport

Pure WinzKay :blush:


what about repair drone? :wink:


I wasn’t here before Reloaded… so no healing drone.

Plus, they don’t work anymore


I wasn’t able to get T500 :frowning:


I don’t cheat btw, in case you were wondering. I have to make up for my lack of small HP with extra plates and upgrade my arena perks just to let me be almost as good as the top 10. This week I got lucky. I’m usually in the spot you are now :joy:


I have yet to do tier 6… I should be able to complete it with my energy mech with claw…


I did only 1st stage of raid on last day lmao


I was soo close to 125 tokens!


i cannot stand anymore the nerfed rewards. instead of 50-75, i got 25!


5th, which is about as high as I could possibly get without plats or molten platinum vest.


100 tokens, because no crimson rapture. :confused:


Imagine the skill the guy has, if he could do raid 6 with no torso…


Without valiant and phys res take more is Insane


you were ahead of me :neutral_face:, my name is TITANIUM