So, here is my Youtube channel if anyone cares

Now I am aware that no one is going to watch it. Since it is all boring and all so, anyway. If you want to comment on here then go ahead. Don’t want to watch it, I don’t care. No one likes my vids anyway :confused:

Here is the description I put in.

So, sorry for not posting in a long time. And sorry for not telling you guys as my viewers where I am as of right now. But hey, at least I am still posting… heheheh… heh… Well, enjoy the video! And do please subscribe and like this video as it will help this channel to grow! I will try to make the videos better as time progresses, so thanks for watching!!!


Nice Vid!

You could make the SuperMechs Gameplay fitting the screen

I don’t know how to do that.

You can do this in post processing by cropping the video somehow or someone might be able to provide the full screen mode?

Well i’m looking for a video editor right now so I could edit it xD

there is a fullscreen mode of supermechs

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HELLO!!! This is my first video edit EVER! if you like it then do please do like the video and subscribe to me for more content like this.

MUSIC - Axtasia Let It Go Fat Rat Unity - Time Lapse - The Fat Rat - Unity

{Seperate Part}
Does anyone want to see this with MY voice commentary or just put it up like this form.

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PS I figured out how to just crop the video but ima do it in the next time I upload.

Its blocked for me. I use a school chromebook