So... Does anyone else like beyblades?


Just a though, i really like beyblades, mainly the metal fusion ones, so… anyone else like them?


Beyblades are pretty cool, oh and Meteo L Drago is OP.


I played with them when I was in elementary school


And i am in High School, they are still very good and the person who though of making them had a great consept, ima try see if they still sell the metal fusion beys


So old…I used to play with them all the time…good times…


Hahaha, I remember back then at school, I was the strongest puller of those chain things you put in the launcher. They would first fly off the battlefield, and then calm down. IF they hit something, they’ll violently woosh around in circles. If they hit an another beyblade, that opposing one gets launched far off.

Forgot all about the series though, have to make room for anime lmao


Beyblade?That show is old tbh. Its a meme now in my school.


I used to play years ago.
I still like them, but am not interested in using it anymore.


I like the homemade ones, that keeps spinning for like 10 minutes.


Oh yeah they attached fidget spinners right.

Don’t fricken judge me on what I say.


I’m not talking about this thing.


I am saying.
I don’t know if this works but I think the heavier and the bearings it has will make it spin longer and maybe make it more balanced? Idk science.

Or am I getting it wrong and the heavier it is the farther it goes e.e


Yes you’re correct, but i’m talking about homemade bayblades, not about upgrading the existing ones.

I have some sitting here I made when I was like 13-14, most are full steel and like 5 times heavier than original ones.


I saw someone who made an aluminum casting.
After he made it, he made it a bit more shinier and added blades for some reason.
I guess because of bey BLADES (No pun intended because its what I think.)


Hell yeah!
I used to have lots of them,always switching the parts to make more models and play with my friends in either their makeshift arena or my large,plastic arena :>
Man,I miss those days.Playing with beyblades without a care in the world…


I love em especially the beyblade burst / evolutions/ turbo


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