So besides upgrading I have no idea what to do next pls help

There is also a terror cry on it

nope…you got it, just keep upgrading thats all there is left to do. maybe get better legs and replace the sword to stuff that upgrades to myth

thank you
for the help

Try to not to mix your weapon types because if you’re half energy half heat most of the time you won’t have enough heat damage to overheat and not enough energy damage to energy break. So just stick to physical, energy or heat otherwise you’ll be kinda useless.

Luckily the torso you picked is pretty good for all the types so that’s the least of your worries.

What you have to do however is to replace your sword and your legs because they only go up to epic and legendary which means in the long run legs such as iron boots will have more hp when maxed and the sword is going to do almost no damage later on.

Now you could keep the sword for the utility of jumping at your opponent but it’s just a waste of precious kg when you could just walk up to them instead and have some other weapon, module or utility item replace the free kg

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


it helped alot thank you

the CL’s are not on equal heights


So I have a legendary grap hook but is it worth to keep?

still better than the rare-epic one…^^

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